The origin of Design KontroL comes from Philippe Bélanger and his partner Marie-Lee Guilbert. These two PERFORMANCE artists HAVE A SOLID HISTORY working with THE WORLD RENOWNED Cirque du Soleil as acrobats. After a few years presenting more than 300 shows annually, they both realized that their creative spirit was not BEING entirely fulfilled. They dreamed of a FUTURE THAT WAS MUCH larger AND motivating. A  project that wOULD satisfy their thirst for challenge, which is WHY THEy CHOSE TO create high-performance sportswear.



What makes Design KontroL so unique is the fact that Marie-Lee and Philippe learn and gain experience from multiple costume departments of the shows they work for.  THEY DO NOT ONLY PERFORM, BUT TAKE NOTICE AND TAKE NOTE AS TO WHAT IS NEEDED, to be  COMFORTABLE DURING THEIR REHEARSALS. 

All of this started in Europe with the tour Kooza, then Paramour on Broadway and now with Volta, Cirque du Soleil's latest touring show. Philippe and Marie-Lee CULMINATED all OF their FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE and were able to create garments THAT WERE IDEAL FOR THEIR high-level performances. All the prototypes are tested AND APPROVED by a large number of THE Cirque de Soleil athletes.



Design Kontrol wants to offer its customers clothes that are developed and made in Canada at reasonable prices. Manufacturing IN CANADA has enabled local entrepreneurs to exert their talents. The fabric quality HAS ALWAYS BEEN an aspect of KontroL's products that Marie-Lee and Philippe never want to neglect. AND That's why to date, they still use fabric IMPORTED FROM Italy. Design KontroL's clothes have all the attributes to offer you the comfort, the lightness and the necessary support for your next WORK OUT OR TRAINING EXPERIENCE.

We dare you to try it!

Marie-Lee and Philippe